You've got questions, we've got answers (hopefully)!



From the moment you place your order online, the picking, packing, and shipping will take place withing 24 -72 hours.


It is recommended to choose USPS Priority or UPS options for the FASTEST delivery times. Shipping for apparel to locations outside of the USA are LONGER and you WILL have to pay customs/duties for items going into any country outside of the USA. 

Shipping Options
USPS Priority Mail Domestic - 2-4 Business DaysUSPS First Class Mail Domestic - 3-8 Business Days
USPS Parcel Select Domestic - 5-12 Business Days
UPS Ground Domestic - 3-6 business days
UPS 2 Day - 2 Business Days
UPS Next Day - Next Business Day
USPS First Class International - 10-25 Business Days
USPS Priority Mail International - 7-15 business days
DHL E-commerce International - 10-25 Business Days



Size/Item Availability

  • If an item only has certain sizes available, that means the other sizes have SOLD OUT.
  • If and item or a size is SOLD OUT depending on the item it may or may not ever be produced again. (This is ESPECIALLY true for LIMITED EDITIONS and THROWBACKS)
  • Where's the BUTTON FOR PURCHASING? If there is no "add to cart" button, this means the item has effectively SOLD OUT.  If it is a limited edition or throwback, it will most likely not be returning (don't stress tho, there are always exceptions to every rule! If you were passionate about that product let us know, it's all about the power of the ask! )


Prüvit Pürk Points

  • What are Prüvit Pürk Points? PPP's are points you EARN with every purchase made on the pruvitgear.com website.
  • What can I do with these points?As you accumulate these points you can trade them in for dollars off future purchases in the  pruvitgear.com website
  • Are PPP's real cold hard cash?   YES!! In the sense that they will take REAL dollars off your purchases the more you accumulate!
  • How does the referral program work? Well, you know how there is something you fall in LOVE with and you're so excited about it you tell everyone you know??? JUST LIKE THAT, but with cash pürks! When you send a referral to anyone you know and they become a Pürks memeber, you will receive a coupon for $35 towards your next purchase and THEY will receive a $20 coupon for their first purchase! #pruvitforward